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Journeys is master sound designer Gregory Simpson's endeavor on sounds that evoke the essence of other times, places, or cultures. Indeed, this collection will get you travelling from the ancient centuries to modern times, from Asia to Africa, and everything in between. All that with the intrinsic acoustic quality of String Studio as your passport.
“As a String Studio enthusiast I was well impressed with the playability of these patches, each of which responds to user expression in a unique way. Highly recommended, and a bargain at just $39 from the AAS on-line shop.”
—Martin Walker, Sound On Sound
What's included with my purchase?
- Preset bank for String Studio VS-1
- AAS Player plug-in
- Serial number
- Installation instructions
- This incredebly inspired preset collection can be used with the free AAS Player plug-in as well as the String Studio VS-1 string modeling synthesizer.
The 128 presets of Journeys
A Penny for your Whistle
Allegorical String
Antiquated Machinery
Aomori Prefecture
Appalachian Heartthrob
Ascot's White Piano
Backwards Barrett
Bamboo Shoots
Behind the Vielle
Bit of a Banjo
Blue Bawu
Buchlastic Bubbling
Buzzing Bridge
Byrd Watcher
Calder Mobile
Can Dead Dance?
Can Do Kayageum
Chamberlin's New Chamber
Cinema Wistfulness
Clockworks Concerto
Coral Riff
Cymulated Cymbalom
Daisy Theorbo
Dig In
East of the Qanat
Edo Reminiscene
Fairlight Phantom
Flowering Power
Flutey Lutey
Foiled Again
Fractured Heart
Fretful Frets
Gig at Castle Dracul
Greasy Frets
Guzheng Height
Ha Long Bay
Half Speed
Hard Rock Hackbrett
Harmomnic Resonance
Heavy Metal Tar
Horring In
Hubcap Hat
Hula Helper
Instant Stravinsky
Kanun Song
Karplus Tunnel Syndrome
Kickin' the L100
Killer Keluri
Knobs and Whatnot
Laika Balalaika
Lucky Freeman
Lucy's Harpsichord
Lynch's iPod
Meddler's Bass
Mello Yellotron
Mic'n the Mechanics
Midsummer Night
Moody Ouds
Moroccan Road Trip
Mystic 60's
Ominous Abbey
One Degree Kelvin
Opium Den
Parallel Time
Persnikety Piezo
Piped In From Budapest
Pistol Pasta
Polka Dot
Psaltery Seductress
Pulmonary Excitation
Rich Man's Baby
Richter Bass
Rick & Roll Bass
Road Weary Wurly
Rose Colored
Rustic Psaltery
Saloon Abomination
Schroeder's Clavier
Scream Studio
Seasick Santur
Sepulchral Spirit
Shakey Hand
Silicon Zen Garden
Snake Charmer
Squaring the Deal
Suspension Bridge
Sympathetic Cause
Tar Nation
The Lesson
This Old Man
Tireless Strummer
Too Far Right
Toxic Drip
Transcendental Santur
Triad Fantasy
Tribal Beat
Tweeter Tweaker
Upright Wronged
Vampire Planet
Vistor's Clavocaster
Waits Walks the Floor
Wallenda's Wires
Wandering Violin
Washtub Bass
Waxy Blues
Wheezy Wheel
Whisk Broom
Whispering Heil
Who Erhu?
WiFiless Cafe
Wood Spirit's Serenade
You Talkin' to Me?
Zildjian's PZM

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