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AAX Native
Label: McDSP
All Category: Effect Plugins /
Interface & Platform: AU - Audio Units / RTAS - PC / RTAS - MAC / AAX Native /
Effects & Studio Tools: De-esser /
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DE555 Price  $99.00
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The DE555 is a new generation of de-essing technology, providing transparent, precise de-essing with unique flexibility.
Intelligent signal analysis allows the DE555 to effectively de-ess at any signal level – no manual input threshold adjustment required.
Other options include continuously adjustable ratio and release controls to fine- tune the de-essing amount, plus a high frequency (HF) only mode for reducing the signal level of only the ‘sss’ and not the original dialog.
Key filter options include high pass and band pass filtering. A unique focus control further enhances the key filter’s ability to separate ‘essing’ from actual dialog. The key filter output can also be monitored.
Real-time displays of de-essing amounts and key filter response enable quick and easy setup.
- Advanced de-essing technology
- Unique key filter focus and de-essing controls
- Real-time metering and key filter response plot
- High frequency (HF) only option
- Double precision processing
- Ultra low latency
- Mono and stereo versions

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