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Forest Frame Drums
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System Requirements
• Requires KONTAKT 4 or higher
• Requires 1.3GB disk space
Forest Frame Drums
Label: Impact SoundWorks
All Category: Virtual Instruments /
Instrument Types: Drums & Percussions /
Instrument Platforms: NI Kontakt Instruments /
Operating System: Win / Mac /
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Three hand-made traditional animal skin drums, exquisitely sampled with a deep, earthy and warm tone. Ideal for world music, underscore, and even epic cues!

Welcome to Forest Frame Drums, Impact SoundWorks unique collection of earthy, hand-made frame percussion for Kontakt 4+. The frame drum is among the most ancient of instruments, having been used in diverse cultures throughout the world for many centuries. Though there are countless variations, they chose to sample a set of hand-made, animal-skin drums from the Ojibway tribe with a particularly warm and deep sound. While other frame drum libraries have opted for a more 'epic' and cinematic sound, they opted for a traditional approach that offers more flexibility and authenticity.


Forest Frame Drums features three intricately-sampled instruments, performed using fingertips, hands, thumbs, sticks, and mallets on various parts of each drum. The primary Forest Drum was recorded close in a naturally ambient space which adds a pleasant 'splash' on loud hits. The Deep Drum is naturally quieter, but even lower-pitched and bassier, recorded very close. The Small Drum is the simplest of the three with a naturally higher pitch; great for accompaniment.


This library also comes with a gorgeous user interface allowing for easy control and tweaking. For example, you can create an instant ensemble sound in a single click, with controls for ensemble voices, stereo width, and timing tightness (or slop). Built in release control, stereo width, EQ, saturation and limiting allows you to customize the tone and shape of each drum quickly and easily. Lastly, a convolution reverb with five custom impulses and four parameters lets you blend the drums with your other instruments readily. In short, you don't need to use any external plugins to get these sounds to sit in a mix - all the tools you need are included.


Impact SoundWorks hope you will enjoy playing Forest Frame Drums and using it in your compositions, from traditional world rhythms and instrumentals to subtle underscore and even dramatic trailer pieces!




• Three traditional frame drums

• Up to 15x RR, 6x dynamics per articulation

• Natural ambiance in Forest Drum

• Intimate sound in Deep & Small Drums

• Scripted interface for tone control + ensemble building

• Intuitive mapping, all articulations per drum in one patch

• Finger, thumb, palm, mallet + stick playing

• 20 articulations for Forest Drum

• 17 articulations for Deep Drum

• 2 articulations for Small Drum

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