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OneKnob Series
Product Rating
Sound quality 9
Value for money 8
Useful Samples 10
Overall Rating 9
Reviewed by 1 Users
System Requirements
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
2GHz / AMD Athlon 64
or equivalent
• RAM: 1 GB on XP, 2 GB on
Vista / Windows 7
• OS
◦ WinXP 32-bit SP2 & SP3
◦ Vista Business 32-bit SP1
◦ Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP1
◦ Windows 7 32-bit
◦ Windows 7 64-bit (using 32
bit host applications)
• 1024x768 32-bit Display

• CPU: Core Duo 2.3Ghz
• RAM: 2 GB
• OSX Ver. 10.5.8 - 10.7
• 1024x768 Display
V9 supports 32-bit and 64-bit audio hosts.
OneKnob Series
Download Option
OneKnob Series Price  $400.00
In this transaction you will earn $12.00 Virtual Cash.    
In this transaction a MEMBER will earn $60.00 Virtual Cash.    
Downloadable Product Available once payment is received.

OneKnob Series - Native

The cure for tweak fatigue. Mixing has never been this fast - or this much fun!




Do your tracks lack luster and shine? If you want to let your vocals or acoustic guitars cut through the mix without overloading high frequencies, Brighter offers just that - a pro-quality treble EQ that improves the high-frequency harmonics without damaging your ears.




Need to throw a bit of dirt at your pristinely recorded tracks? Driver, the overdrive member of the family will allow you to add some grit, whether it's an acoustic guitar recording, a vocal track or drums. Overdrive without killing the recording - that's what Driver's made for.




Do your recordings lack the solid low-end foundation? Does your bass sound flat? Phatter has been developed to cater to the bass-hungry producer and with just a single twist does magic to your kick drums, bass guitars and all tracks that need that extra body in the low-frequency department.




So you think you know all about filtering and you can handle complex filtering plugins? Think again if you need quick filtering without clipping the track. Just perfect filtering with switchable modes at the turn of a... you guessed it - knob.




The loudness wars are still happening, whether you like it or not. Expecially in the dance music business where tracks are perfectly driven to the ceiling. If you ever needed that result but always wondered how to get there without spending years at the studio, now you need not worry anymore. Transparent limiting that will make your recordings come through is now just a turn of a knob away. Increase RMS by up to 24dB and become the envy on your block!




If you think harnessing a compressor requires a 4-year college degree, think again. Now you can twist and turn that knob to get instant results - from light compression to that pumping effect. Perfect for drums and drum busses, it will give your percussive tracks body and presence you always needed but never had the time to tweak out of your existing setup.




Instant ambience - that's what you get with Wetter. Reverb that will do it all? Yes, this is not an overstatement. Whether you need a short reverb that nobody will hear yet everyone will feel or a long dark tail - it's all available now with this plugin and no studio wizardry is required. Just add a cup of sounds and you have the perfect ambience of in your recording. Whether it's drums, acoustic instruments or vocals, it works wonders equally well.



  • OneKnob Brighter

  • OneKnob Driver

  • OneKnob Filter

  • OneKnob Louder

  • OneKnob Phatter

  • OneKnob Pressure

  • OneKnob Wetter

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