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Bad Ass Snares Bundle
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Full Size: 13.82MB (Unzipped)
Number of Files: 156
Technical Specifications
• 50 One-shot Samples
• 50 Long tail One-shot Samples
• 44 kHz/24-Bit audio quality
Bad Ass Snares Bundle
Label: Pakotec Samples
All Category: Samples /
Genre: Breakbeat / Drum and Bass / Dubstep / Electro /
Type: One Shots / Bundles /
Format: Wav 24bit /
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'Bad Ass Snares Bundle' is filled with 100 premium quality snare shots taken from two of Pakotec's best-selling sample packs. Heavy, evil, punchy and dirty, there's no room left for the soft ones in this bundled collection!

This pack contains two snare collections.
'Bad Ass Snares Vol 1'
Brings you 50 snare drum samples, based on the biggest Drum & Bass and Dubstep tracks. If you've ever wondered how to get that "evil" snare sound then this high quality selection of one-shots is for you.
This stunning collection of hard, dirty and phatt snares will take your rhythm section to another dimension, and give it some serious punch and attitude.
'Bad Ass Snares Vol 2'
This fabulous continuation version of the series is filled with 50 premium quality long tail snare shots, even heavier, punchier and dirtier!
Ever wonder how to get the right snares for your productions? 'Bad Ass Snares Vol 2' is definitely for you!
These longer tail snare drums fit a wide range of musical genres, and will bring a new dimension to your samples. These hits are extremely easy to use and are comfortable in every Electronic Music genre.
This package is different from 'Bad Ass Snares Vol 1'. This time Pakotec wanted to bring new ideas and give the drums a more futuristic character. Using a new method and sound colouring to set a new bar in the samples market, you won't find snares like these in the market.
This product does not include kicks and loops. The loops are taken from the upcoming product 'Bombshock: D&B Under Loops Vol 1' by Pakotec Samples.

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