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Trance Hits Melodies Vol.2
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Technical Specifications
• 100 MIDI Loops
• Includes a Main Lead, Bassline, Pads and additional melodic content, such as a Piano Line and additional Leads.
Trance Hits Melodies Vol.2
Label: Pakotec Samples
All Category: Samples /
Type: Series / Midi Notes /
Format: MIDI /
Genre: Trance /
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'Trance Hits Melodies Vol 2' from Pakotec Samples brings you more energetic uplifting melodies that inspired by the biggest Trance producers in the industry, featuring 100 melodies in MIDI format suitable for Trance, Club, Uplifting, Euro, and more.


Imagine yourself performing in front of a big audience. Now imagine all the people listening to your music and feeling it in their souls. With the winning fresh melodies and your special sound, make the Trance of the future!



All Phrases are 100% Royalty-free and ready to be used in any personal or commercial music Samples.

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