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Drum Collection
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• 10 of Soundiron's world famous Drum and Percussion libraries.
• Over 41,000 samples (standard pcm .wav)
• Over 1200 Kontakt .nki Patches
• Over 30 GB Installed

All products require the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later. The free Kontakt Player and Kontakt Libraries tab don’t support these standard Kontakt open-format products

Includes a wide variety of custom convolution impulses for use inside of Kontakt or in external reverb programs.
System Requirements
• Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
• Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.

• Minimum system Requirements:
Dual Core CPU, 2 GB System Ram,
7200 RPM SATA or SSD hard drive
recommended for this library.

• A Full version of Kontakt 5 is required.
Drum Collection
Label: Soundiron
All Category: Virtual Instruments /
Instrument Types: Drums & Percussions /
Instrument Platforms: NI Kontakt Instruments /
Operating System: Win / Mac /
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Drum Collection Price  $449.00
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This bundle features 10 of our deep-sampled drum libraries. Purchasers get access to: Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble, Breaker, Cymbology 1 Bowed, Clack!, High School Drum Corps, Little Epic Percussion, Riq Drum, Shake, Dhol Drum and Tablas at a huge discount.

Product Included:

Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble

This massive collection represents the most powerful and comprehensive epic trailer and scoring percussion library we have ever recorded. Featuring over 40 drums and more than a dozen cymbals of all shapes and sizes, with both ensemble and solo articulations and up to 3 independent microphone positions per articulation, this library is your total solution for epic percussion orchestration. Recorded in a naturally rich and lush spacious A-Frame hall using world class large-diaphragm microphones and pristine ultra-quiet recorders, we carefully mixed and mastered each sample to deliver explosive power, unmatched acoustic quality, wide dynamic range, and stunning life-like clarity and presence.

We at Soundiron are no strangers to epic percussion. Those who know our work are familiar with the passion, exacting precision and attention to detail we deliver. The Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is the culmination of all of our years of experience, distilled into the most comprehensive and earth-shaking hall percussion package available anywhere on the market. We set out to build a monster that punched harder, rumbled deeper, cut through cleaner and could get the job done like no other. We wanted a massive sound like no other, without compromising flexibility and user choice. We aimed for a sound that just works right out of the box, with all of the beef and none of the noise. What we got was above and beyond our wildest expectations. This monster gets it done!



Ensemble Drums

• Snares

• Bass Drums

• Toms

• Doumbeks

• Dhols

• Riqs

• Frame Drums

• Sticks

• Cymbals


Solo Drums

• 6 Snares

• 2 Bass Drums

• Bongos

• Cajon

• Cymbals

• 2 Dhol Drums

• 4 Frame Drums

• 2 Floor Toms

• 2 Low Toms

• 2 High Toms

• 4 Rototoms

Plus bonus Snare Roll samples and Multi-Mic Mixer and Mic Free presets (including hi-mem, dfd and lite versions).


Controls and FX

• Custom front panel controls, including all critical performance shaping parameters

• New Multi-Layer Builder Utility allows custom key-range assignments and sample set loading on the fly

• Our groundbreaking “Uberpeggiator” system

• 2 Fully Independent Microphone Positions for all instruments, with an added mid position for many of them.

• Selectable and fully automatable Kontakt multi-effects including EQ and filters.

• 40 custom convolution IR samples, with fully automatable parameter control


*This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later.



Breaker is all about the breakbeat, DIY-style. This hi-fi/lo-fi old/new school bastard was born to be broken, bruised, smashed, pumped, slammed, smeared, blown-out and beat to hell. We set out to find the essence of classic versus iconoclastic. We set out to build a big, fat and extremely diverse drum palette that evoked an equal blend of warm, smooth 70′s funk and cold, hard 80s electro and pop. Our aim was to make a drum library that is truly electro-organic: authentic and yet electronic in sound but organically playable, providing the best of both worlds.

These drums are ripe to be chopped, diced, sliced, flipped, trashed, drilled, derezzed, degraded and granulated. It’s geared toward hip hop, electro, soul, funk, pop, breakcore, drum n’ bass, garage, dub, techno, glitch, 2-step, trip hop, illbient, dub-step, house, and whatever the hell have you. We designed the sound to take digital, tape and tube distortion and FX of all kinds and soak it all right up. The sound is fat, dirty and raw right out of the boombox, but a twist of a knob or two and you’ve got a searing, brutally crisp sharp jungle kit ready to go.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• 11 Kicks

• 10 Cymbals

• Over 20 Snares (snares both on & off)

• Low, Mid and High Toms

• Tambourines

• Hands Claps, Body Slaps and Finger Snaps

• Clicks and Clacks

• Bongos

• Bonus: +40 Special FX Presets


This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later.



The theme and purpose of this library is pretty simple. We wanted to capture as much sharp, bright, warm, tonal wooden impact percussion as your heart desires. We captured several bamboo poles, bamboo logs, a whole pile of claves, woodblocks, clappers, box drum, and other assorted wooden implements that epitomize the word “thwack.” These elements are specifically ideal auxiliary elements for orchestral composition and epic film/tv/game soundtrack scoring. They also are vital elements in Latin music and hip hop, as well as very useful percussion building-blocks and raw source material for experimental music and IDM.

*This library was originally published as “Clack” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• 5″x6′ bamboo logs (23 articulations)

• 1″x7′ small bamboo poles (6 articulations)/li>

• 2 sets of castanets (solo and unison)

• Wooden trident clapper (single notes and sustaining rolls)

• 7 assorted pairs of claves (7 articulations)

• Classic wooden popgun

• Rattle impacts (4 different rattles/shakers)

• Whaledrum “cajon” (4 articulations)

• Semi-tuned woodblocks (6 articulations)

• Misc mallet shaft & handle strikes (2 articulations)



Cybology 1 Bowed

This massive percussion effects library is built around classic bowed cymbals, with extensive detours into other experimental sustaining and short dramatic cymbal effects, custom tuned percussion and ambiences. We captured 20 unique cymbals, in all shapes, sizes, alloys and varieties, from crashes and splashes to gongs, bells, trashes and even a stack of spent WWII Howitzer artillery shells. We explore the classic bowed cymbal effect in exquisite detail. There are dozens of variations for each cymbal, from short stabs to long tortured wails and everything in between. These sought-after dramatic scoring and sound design fundamentals are perfect for setting dark moods, striking bold transitions, building stingers, weaving soundscapes and manipulating in any number of ways to evoke sonic images both dark and light. Recorded in close and far mic positions, this library comes equipped with a powerful custom user interface and deep yet intuitive sound-sculpting functionality.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Bowed (20 Cymbals)

• Frozen (10 Cymbals)/li>

• 10 Warm, resonant and uniquely melodic Tuned Percussion instruments

• Over 1 GB of new ambiences, pads, drones, synths and sound-scapes

• Also includes Time-Stretch and Lite versions of all core presets


This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or Kontakt 4 (Kontakt 5 is also supported).


Marching Drum Corps

The Soundiron Drum Corps is a unique library focused on capturing the powerful, tight sound of high school marching drum corps. Notice the tight, harsh, mid-tones and truncated snap of marching drums. It’s quite distinct from the solid, pleasing punch and smooth resonance of typical rock and symphonic percussion. Rather, it’s meant to be heard loud and clear from a great distance away.

*This library was originally published as “Marching Band” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Indoor and Outdoor Recording, Football Field and Band Rehearsal Hall

• Marching Snare (field): strike, flam, sidestick and rimclick, looping rolls w/ release, 5-6 velocities, 10x round-robin

• Marching Snare (hall): strike, flam tight, flam loose, rimclick, rimclick flam, looping roll and crescendo w/ release, right & left hands, 8-11 velocities, 10x round-robin

• 5 Marching Bass Drums (field) Tuned 20″ – 36″, strike & rimclick, looping & crecendo roll w/ release, hard mallet, 6-8 velocities, 10x round-robin


Little Epic Percussion 1

Welcome to Small Epic Percussion. A great collection of small orchestral and ethnic percussion instruments intended both to compliment our existing collection of epic drums. It also stands alone as a unique toolbox of under-appreciated but often called-for items, like the tambourine and finger cymbals. We not only went out of our way to capture these instruments as deeply as we could muster, but tried as much as possible to discover new ways of thinking about and playing them. You may notice some unorthodox articulations included with some of the instruments, as well as a few strange combinations and mutations.

*Version 1 of this library was originally published as “Small Epic Percussion Vol. 1” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Solo and ensemble claves, vibraslap, sticks, rattles, various shakers, metal rattles and bells

• Large Tambourine

• Finger Cymbals

• Ship’s Bell

• Concert Triangle

• Native American rabbit skin shaker/hand drum

• Monkey Drum

• Wooden Frog Rasps

• Bonus morphable ambient soundscapes and pads, as well as special custom instruments and effects patches


*This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 82 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, featuring custom front panel controls and effects.



The traditional family of Middle Eastern (Arabic) hand percussion instruments is generally defined as an open shell frame drum with large cymbals or jingles – aka Riq Drums. It is similar in appearance and origin to a tambourine, but this broad family of specialized drums is treated as a very serious and deeply nuanced instrument class in both traditional and modern Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Eastern European music. Rather than simply being an accompaniment or backing instrument, the Rik family of drums can often take a lead or solo role. The jingles, rattles or rings are often played as a discreet component of the drum, along with a broad range of unique head and rim finger and hand articulations.

*This library was originally published as “Riq Drum” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Riq bone mallet strikes (center, edge) 6-8 velocity layers, 10X variations per layer

• Riq felt mallet strikes (center) 8 velocity layers, 10X variations per layer

• Riq wooden dowel “hotrods” (center, edge) 6-8 velocity layers, 10X RR per layer

• Riq brushes (center, edge, mute) 6-8 velocity layers, 10X RR per layer


*This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 36 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, featuring custom front panel controls and effects.



This deep sampled collection is dedicated to shakers, rattles and bell tree percussion. The fuzzy, buzzy, sandy-sounding “chuff”, “shuck” and “jingle” of hand-held shakers and bells is an essential part of orchestral, latin, electronic, hip hop and even rock music.

*This library was originally published as “Shake Vol. 1” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Large concert sleigh bell tree (1 shake / strike combo. 13 sustaining rolls and grooves)

• Small concert sleigh bell tree (3 types of single shakes and strikes. 16 sustaining rolls and grooves)

• Small_Hand_Sleigh_Bells (3 types of single shakes and strikes. 13 sustaining rolls and grooves)

• Wicker basket bell shaker (5 types of single shakes and strikes. 13 sustaining rolls and grooves)


Solo Dhol drum

Welcome to Soundiron's Solo Dhol drum library. The Solo Dhol contains over 5.100 samples and +100 different articulations, including sticks, mallets, brushes, hands/fingers, bass bends and so forth. Soundrion deep sampled two professional Dhol Drums for this library, each with distinct characteristics. These drums have animal hide bass heads (called “dagga”) and maylar treble heads (called “thili”). They dagga sides are tuned with a single heavy nylon rope, wound around the drum through steel rings. The thili heads are tuned with a series of steel lugs and rods, typical of most modern percussion.

*This library was originally published as “Solo Dhol” by Tonehammer.


Deep Sampled Articulations

• Dhol Master (contains all patches)

• Dhol Bass Bends

• Dhol Bass Felt

• Dhol Bass Hands

• Dhol Bass Mallets

• Dhol Combo Bone Mallets

• Dhol Combo Brushes

• Dhol Combo Mallets

• Dhol Combo Traditional Sticks

• Dhol Snare Hands

• Dhol Snare Mallets



Welcome to Soundiron’s Complete Tabla library, the most comprehensively sampled Tabla in the history of sampling. This library contains both looped phrases as well as deeply multi-sampled tablas. The tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and devotional music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes and timbres. To call tabla a mere percussion instrument would be a vast understatement of its musical depth, as one of the most revered of all classical Indian musical instruments. We worked with tabla master and jazz percussionist Sameer Gupta to capture a range of tabla rhythm, melody and soul. Sameer has been a student and practitioner in the art of percussion for nearly 25 years, traveling the world to study and perform in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and venues.

*This library was originally published as “Tablas Vol. 1 / Loops” and “Tablas Vol. 2 / Multi” by Tonehammer.



• 14 unique tabla articulations

• 20 unique bayan articulations and bend variation types

• 10 unique tabla-bayan combo articulations

• Deep programming and scripting features providing unparalleled realism and playability

• Custom re-tuning UI control, with instant automation support

• Custom playability UI control , with instant automation support

• Tunable traditional and realistic performance modes

• Large collection of bonus ambient droning instruments, with multi-layer mod-wheel morphing

• Bonus special effects & tuned melodic patches, opening up new musical possibilities for the tablas.

• True deep sampling, with up to 10 velocity layers per note, with 10 round-robin variations per layer.

• Key-switch pitch control allow shifting up to +/- 7 semitones.



• 13 uniquely recorded tabla rhythms speeds from 70bpm – 200bpm

• Key-switch pitch control allow shifting up to +/- 7 semitones

• Additional tuning and vocalized patches

• Over 1300 unique tabla phrases


This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported).



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