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Virtual Tube Preamp
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System Requirements
• Requires a VST, Audio Units, or RTAS audio host for Windows or Mac OS X
Virtual Tube Preamp
Label: Studio Devil
All Category: Effect Plugins /
Interface & Platform: VST - PC / VST - MAC / AU - Audio Units / RTAS - PC / RTAS - MAC /
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Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp faithfully emulates the analog circuitry of a discrete, class-A biased, vacuum tube preamplifier. All of the associated analog circuitry, including the vacuum tube itself and the effects of biasing resistors and capacitors, are simulated in amazing detail. Just about any audio source or track can benefit from the natural soft limiting and dynamic warmth that this virtual tube preamplifier provides.


Discrete Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Channel using the best vacuum tube modeling technology available to faithfully emulate the dynamic and expressive nature of real vacuum tube preamplifiers using Studio Devil’s proprietary vacuum tube circuit modeling technologies!

Input Drive Control adjusts the strength of the signal feeding the input grid of the virtual tube preamplifier!

Output Level Control to adjust the output signal strength and to compensate for low drive settings!

Bass Contour Control to sweep the value of the cathode bypass capacitor which controls the low frequency and dynamic saturation responses of the preamp!

Treble Rolloff Control to tweak the value of intrinsic and parasitic capacitances in the simulated vacuum tube preamp, giving control over the natural warmth and softness associated with real vacuum tube preamps!

Bias Switch to select from two preset tube bias levels which vary the interaction of gain, asymmetrical drive, and dynamics of the preamplifier!

Invert Switch permits controlling the phase of the preamplifier and the polarity of the class-A asymmetry!

CPU Switch adjusts the modeling algorithm to balance the tradeoff between accuracy and CPU load allowing multiple instances to run on even slower workstations!

Overload LEDS assist in setting healthy levels by indicating when the input signal is overdriving the tube preamp and when the output level clips!

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