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Label: Sinevibes
All Category: Effect Plugins /
Effects & Studio Tools: Filter / Phaser / Ring Modulator /
Interface & Platform: VST - MAC / AU - Audio Units /
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Enrich static sounds with random yet organic motion. Create chaotic filter and phaser effects. Add never-repeating, stereoscopic pulsations. Drift is a simple but flexible plugin that brings anything to life.
Chaotic core. Inside Drift run two instances of the Lorenz attractor algorithm, which is a two-dimensional wave typically used for airflow modelling. Each of the four resulting outputs is separately used as a modulation source.
Smooth effects. With the featured four-pole resonant low-pass filter and barberpole phaser you can easily create many different stereo chaos effects which remain organic and natural regardless of the type of the source sound.
Works with your flow. Drift has an incredibly simple interface that takes no time to learn, not without the help of colour-coded controls. It will blend immediately with your studio or live setup, regardless of what and how you do.
Drift works with Logic, GarageBand, Live, Maschine, ReNoise, Reaper, Studio One, Digital Performer and other software that supports Audio Unit effect plugins. It comes in 32/64 bit format for Intel Macs running OS X 10.6 or later, and supports Retina screen resolution.

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