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Pakotec Samples Online Mastering team is committed to deliver the very best quality Online Mastering Services!


A properly mastered album will translate well on any sound system you are listening through and will sound on par with the great commercial songs you hear on the radio.


Pakotec Samples offers 3 professional mastering services including song mastering, EP masters and album mastering. In addition we can also master your music with stems like group channels, Drums, Bass, Synths’ etc.


Instead of working on the stereo WAV file we can Mix/Master several groups from your project and get better control throughout the whole process which brings better results.


If you're looking to promote your name out or planning on creating some noise with your new EP our Song and EP mastering services is the right thing for you.


We guarantee to take your music to the next level of sound and bring it to commercial standards while delivering you great customer services by our professional sound engineers.


Our mastering process includes high-end professional mastering rooms, top notch Monitor systems, High-end AD/DA converters, plugins and effects and professional outboard gear. Everything we need to make sure your music stands in every commercial standard and beyond it.



What Will Our Mastering Service Do For Your Music?


  - Add loudness, clarity, Punch and expensive tone
  - Better 3d stereo imaging
  - Add or increase the warmth of your mix
  - Clean hiss and hums
  - Fade In/Outs
  - Fixing mixing errors (better results with 'Stem Mastering process')




1.) We prefer that you send us a 24 bit WAV or AIFF file to master, but we also accept MP3 files.

2.) Upload your WAV, AIFF, or MP3 file via: sendspace.com, yousendit.com or in a case of bigger files we recommend using wetransfer.com.

3.) Email